Music is actually enjoyed when sound effect options are available to varry on the projection of the sound. Most people have installed for themselves subwoofers into there cars or offices just to get that vibrating sensation of bass.

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The problem is that one only listens to the rhythms within the proximty of the speakers and also they actually do not ‘feel’ the base and so here is where the basselet comes in.

This subwoofer is a plug and play gadget that straps round your wrist like a watch, a wired 3.5 audio jack earphones are plugged in its sender then paired wirelessly With music source via Bluetooth and that is all.

With a stylish black cover that houses a subwoofer, this basslet makes you enjoy listening  (from earphones) and feeling (from this subwoofer) the bass thumbing from head down to toes as if in a club continuously for more than 6 hours on a single charge. 

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This silent basselet syncs with the connected earphones to produce a sensantion of the base beat produced from earphones causing the whole body to feel as if it were vibrated by the large  club speakers. 

To acquire one of this futuristic subwoofer, just spare a paltry $199.00 and gues what… you will become a sole owner of an original wearable subwoofer basselet..!!


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