At one point in time both developed and developing nations had or will have to migrate from analogue to digital technology (systems) however with this changes in place obviously merits and demerits are recorded.

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There ones was a revolution that strongly resisted the idea  that robots will be taking up human chores in most areas; both in firms and farms however with time which comes with change in authority – the U.S. fruit picking farms now have no other option but replace the imigrant employees with fruit picking robots! “Who knows what this administration will do or not do?”

President Donal Trump’s hard line against imigrants has farmers in the U.S. to illegally find other means of harvesting their crops. The robot fruit pickers do not get tired – they can work 24 hours! According to Jim McFercson he says “it is a question of survival”

Farmers depended on Mexican imigrants (some illegally in the U.S.) who do the ‘hard and dangerous‘ work seeing them earn at least $200 a day! This is because getting fruit pickers is quite challenging as the U.S. young generation dislike working in farms and yet the old staff is slowly retiring!

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The republican U. S. President whose family owns a large fruit farm says labor will continue to be a scarce resource. FFRobotics is developing three fingered machines which do serve the purpose of fruit picking effectively (soon to hit its sales target). 

Advocates of human says robots will have a negative effect!


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