It should be called a fortune. Most feel on a random choice of  number seven should be screamed out.

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 According to Alex Bellos a maths bl0gger after a sensitive analysis which involved more than 44,000 persons, its was clearly discovered that a greater percentange of people strongly believed that luck, fortune, perfection and blessings is related with the number.

On the same statistics its believed that number thirteen(13) is assortiated with trouble. majority of the interviewed made it appear of  a cursed number for its dangerous associations. 

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Whats more interesting are the other favorites that pop up. The runners-up are 3 Holy Trinity, the Magic number and 8 which is lucky in Chinese.

Bellos’ working hypothesis is that those numbers sound like estimations and nobody wants a vague estimation as their favorite number. Bello’s website has it all.  


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