You don’t have to be a senior scientist or religion zealot to understand the transitional events taking place on planet earth and the swing in human life. By this I mean seasons, climate, technology, religion, moral e.t.c

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Many individuals have come out ranging from the clergy to scientist warning of the nearing end of age! But as usual oposition and contentions to subtanciate the claims will never stop surfacing for that is the current society’s order of life… #doubting!

A long time astrophysicist: Stephen Hawking feels that man must vacate the earth in the next 100 years! This is due to threats possibly to befall the planet earth and see it melt away. 

Nuclear war, genetically engineered viruses, overpopulation and global warming among many others are the major threats he mentions that could make the adorned earth a hell of a place to be; as in from now till 2117. So why not begin preparing to leave…!

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The renown astrophycist believes that we really have to colonize another planet so as to survive in the next 100 years. He, together with his former student will travel seeking to discover ways in which human can escape from what he fears will soon materialize.

He has gone ahead to make a show on BBC featuring how we could take a direct ticket  off this “hell” but according to CNET, the big fear is that “…the world shall again do the usual with such things. We’ll start a little too late and runout of time. We will be too busy arguing about who should go first and whether to make all our space suite in China or not…”

To read more about this inflamed professor, click here 

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