All this vocabularies I perceive that at least they came to be formed after an incidence accruing so there is no fiction in the word transfigure or possibly it would be – who knows? But, for the season today, you ought not point a finger!

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In a consecration meeting recently held in nairobi kenya at riverside drive by the repentance and holiness ministry, the host of the bishopric candidates for the consecration service – Mighty prophet Dr David Owuor was reportedly transfigured in several instances. 

In a YouTube clip posted by the ministry, you see the vaticinator in a bright beam of light in a swimming pool while he baptise the bishops. Yet in another video, he is enveloped in what is termed as glory (snow like substance cover him and the environs) then when they partake the Lord’s table his face suddenly shines golden bright…!

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According to the repentance and holiness leadership, this was not the first instance of this occurrence citing kericho, kakamega and kisumu crusades however, this one was so stunning and shocking as even the congregants who attended the meeting witnessed the glorification of man in broad day light!

This has never occured to any human on earth  except for Jesus Christ. Who could this man then be? In my opinion – He is one about whom it was written about in Malachi 4:5-6
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The man of God has always asked the globe to repent and shun their sins for the Messiah is coming !!!

Watch the video below! Or follow this link to watch it.

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