Quite obvious that at times we get curious over happening scenes which we are somehow handicapped to physically be present, now we got no much to worry as technology is here to solve it all.

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Now we can make a 4 minute flight  upto 98 feet high using CX -10C micro flyer and capture crystal clear video and photography both in day & at night hours as it is decked with LED light to allow documentation of scenes in the dark.

This new omnidirectional quadcopter comes with a 2Gb memory card, transmitter, 4 square blades and a USB charging cable. It takes less than 30 minutes to fully charge, can spin, flip, zip and dash. 

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The CX-10C weighs 0.53 oz, comes in black & orange colours and goes at a price between $24.99  to $30.99 (Ksh.2, 499- Ksh.3, 099) across various online shops.


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