It’s obvious that in a particular instance we get to migrate from the dumb gadgets to some budget or high end android phones which with time also wear out, but who is ready to part with the lofty gadgets? We at times leave them in stores unused just to purchase a new android device.

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There are a number of ways you would put to use your “aged” smartphone instead of archiving it in the stores.

1. Turn it into a security camera

Now that you got a new smart phone or tablet for yourself, turn the old one into a security cam after all you now don’t need to walk around with it. 

All you got to do is download Alfred or  manythings app from play store on both your devices and that is all to set up your new security system. Mind not about batery life as  the old device can stay connected to power all through.

2. Use it as an e-reader
Just incase you are a lover of digital articles then let your old phone do e-reader part instead of purchasing a special purpose gadget or draining the new smartphone’s charge just reading.

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Simply intalle apps like Amazon kindle which provide volumes of book varieties from its vast e-library. Also you would consider installing instapaper on both your Pc and the old android device so that you would download anything and do the reading later

3. Make it a music player

This is yet another purpose the outdated device can serve. If you got hi-fi speakers or any other speaker of the same kind, then you can connect it via bluetooth or wifi to the phone and stream music from iTunes, Google music or any other app. 

Now that it’s an old phone, staioning it somewhere on a stand or shelve -connected to power: you definitely will get a craze out of the whole system!

4. Give it to your kids 

I give this one last position on the list however you would also reverse priorities. It’s good to let kids exposed to technology as early as possible because who knows about the next billgates?

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Get stand alone kid apps like YouTube kids on to the device and give it to your kids, niece or nephew. You would also consider creating restricted profile before doing the genorocity however a real tech child may go round all your security settings and undo them that’s why I give this option last on my list!

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