Sleep destruction, uncomfort during sleep, strains due to poor sleeping positions, soundy snoars and more of this that deprive you the sleeping gift can now be monitored, controlled and possibly ended by using this cool tech pillow.

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Sunrise smart pillow promise its users a number of specs such as ability to track movements with an inbuilt sensor, color changing LEDs which help wake the user up in the morning – like Sun rays, contains speakers to play natural or white noise to sooth you to sleep. Also contains an alarm that wakes you up in the lightest phase of sleep.

Sunrise has a memory incoperated in it to record your sleeping mode, you then can review it from its related app so as to adjust in future.

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Mode modern’s first smart pillow  promises to pack all these in the now nascence tech pillow, according to CNET it is expected to retail at $299 in October when dispatched to market globally.

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