No suprise now days. You now can walk to any retail store being sure of what exactly you are going to buy without necessarily having physically troted from a store to another trying to window shop. 

Buy from  @ Ksh. 9 999 BUY

Buy from @ ksh. 9 989 BUY

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With me here is the unboxing details of infinix hot 4; what exactly to expect from this gadget’s sealed box. First, it is sealed in a colourful slim yellow box unlike her sisters that come in black and golden boxes.

When opened, you meet a well placed hot 4 as captured below

Right beneath the gadget, you get charging plug, USB cable and earphones positioned separately

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You also will bump into a user manual below the covers to guide you through phone’s use. headsets are a different handeled separately. When the hot 4 is uncased you find a big screwed 4000 mAh power battery which is a good one for such an endowned gadget. 

What exactly is in the box?

  • Infinix hot 4
  • Charger
  • Headsets
  • Manual

Buy from  @ Ksh. 9 999 BUY

Buy from @ ksh. 9 989 BUY

year warranty days free return


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