Infinix will never cease amazing her endeared customers with its new gadget hits. Infinix note 3 was launched in august 2016 – averagely a year after launching its predecessor note 2 which boomed and guess what;  note 3 is no exceptional. A sleek, slim and nice phone for business purposes. Make your note 3 purchase from below retailers.

Buy from  @ Ksh. 14 499 BUY

Buy from @ ksh. 14 489 BUY

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X-601 comes with a bigger battery capacity of up to 4500 mAh, sensor, android M, duo camera with LED on both and a large high resolution screen.

Display and camera

Note 3 gives an excellent viewing angle of images on a large six inch 1080p screen providing a resolution of upto  367ppi. This gives a powerful viewing impact to the user as compared to its sister note 2. 

On its back lies an upgrade 13 Mp fast 0.25 autofocus camera which enable quality, superior and faster autofocus with LED to take images even in the dark. Below the camera is a finger print sensor which doubles into a snapping command for both main & front camera and a phone security lock. 

The 5Mp front camera is a nice one to hold a video talk during whichever hour of the day; dark rooms and shady places can be lit using its soft front flash. 

Platform and memory 

This new X-601 is powered by a 64 bit octa-core 1.3 GHz CPU which hosts an upgradable android 6.0 Marshmallow. This does offer a nice experience interface to the user and speed as it is also an upgrade of android 5. 

Note 3 comes in two models as one boasts a 2Gb memory capacity which actually serves the phone quite well in multitasking and boosting app speed while the other offers a 3Gb memory capacity. 

Network connectivity & storage

It supports 3 micro card slots, 2 sim cards and one for Sd card which offers an expandable storage upto 128 Gb. It houses a 16 Gb internal storage however of the 16 Gb you only will be able to use 8Gb. The sim card tray is on the left section above the volume keys. At the bottom is the micro USB port, speaker, and microphone with the head sets’ 3.5 Jack at the top

This power gadget supports high speed 3G network of up to 50/150 Mbps and also its edge support up & down link. A – Gps is incoperated to allow location detection and navigation. You also can do a fast file transfer via blue tooth at a speed of up to 4.0 and you do not have to worry about battery charge as infinix has included a duo 4.5A charging engines with PE + 2.0 technology promoting a fast and safe charging process of upto 99mins to fully charge the 4,500 mAh battery 


  • 6.0″ FHD IPS display
  • Fast & safe charging process
  • Android 6.0 M
  • Finger print sensor
  • 3 card slots (2 sim, 1 sd card)
  • 128 Gb expandable memory


The 5 min charge spec included is just a one time (when new) occurence.

Key features

  1. Android 6.0 M
  2. Finger print sensor
  3. Premium metal body
  4. Dual micro Sun
  5. Expandable storage upto 128 Gb

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Infinix X-601 note 3 is priced at ksh. 14,500 – ksh. 15,500 on  sourced online platforms. The note 3 comes in variant colours and a screen guard, body cover and headsets are a plus for your purchase! Make your order  now andbhave it delivered to you within 4-5 days. 

Buy from  @ Ksh. 14 499 BUY

Buy from @ ksh. 14 489 BUY

year warranty days free return


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