Infinix got to the market ones more with a new gadget, this time a twin sister to hot 4 and so given the name hot 4 LITE. It features fewer specs compared to hot 4 hence making it cheaper than hot 4 making it a budget phone. Get yours today from listed sellers.

Buy from  @ Ksh. 9 499 BUY

Buy from @ ksh. 9 489 BUY

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Infinix has tried to reduce the economical strain of customers by retaining High end specs like screen size, resolution and cameras on LITE so as to make it affordable.

Display & camera

Hot 4 LITE boasts a wide touch screen of 5.5 inch, a resolution of upto 720 x 1280 pixels, 8Mp rear camera (back) and 5Mp secondary camera (front) which will allow you to capture every moment of interest despite the hour because both cameras have LED light to ensure night memories are not spared. This is a good screen size and resolution to watch videos, play games & capture wide scenes clearly. 

Platform and memory

This phone runs on  mobile android system 6.0 known as marshmallow with a 1.3GH quad core processor and a 1GB RAM. On the other hand, it got 16 GB built in ROM with only 8GB being user accessible as the other 8 GB contains system files. You however can expand this upto 32GB using a memory card .

Network connectivity and battery 

Infinix Hot 4LITE brings you a good speed as it supports 3G network that is upgradable to 4G , Bluetooth file transfer speed of upto 4.0 and also instant messaging. Not to mention push mails,  and video streaming.  

Despite its surpport for loudspeaker and ability to play FM radio, variety of both audio and video file formats including WAV,MP3, FLAC, mpeg 4, X.vid and many more; Hot 4’s 4000 mAh batery can sustain you up to 720hours standby time! At least you can be sure to end or start a day with some charge in your phone to keep you going.

Unlike other infinix phones, hot4 LITE lacks a finger print sensor for security lock however you still can use the power button to lock/ unlock the phone or the inbuilt authentification tools such as patterns and passwords.


  • Long battery life of up to 48 hours
  • Speed charge
  • Compact pixels on a wide screen: fairly clear images
  • Android 6.0 (marshmallow) good interface
  • Sleek design.
  • LED on both cameras
  • 1GB RAM / 16GB ROM


  • Low RAM
  • Low expandable storage.

Key features.

  • Display: 5.5 inch
  • Camera: 8 Mp/ 5Mp 
  • Storage: 16GB
  • Memory: 1GB
  • Battery: 4000 mAh 
  • O.S: android 6.0 (marshmallow), XOS Skin

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    Infinix hot 4 sales between ksh. 8,500 to ksh.9,500. The price is sourced across online stores however there is no much difference in physical retail shops across major towns in kenya. It comes in black and gold casing however you could change this by trying out the many covers on the market. order for this nice hot 4 and have it delivered to you within 4-5 days. 

    Buy from  @ Ksh. 9 499 BUY

    Buy from @ ksh. 9 489 BUY


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