It’s always good to do a window shoping before matching into a store for a purchase. Retailers may not necessarily give to detail the specs of tech gadgets and that is what the teams on the list below does the best for you. 

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Here products have been tested by techies and then put to writing so as clients can read and make a viable choice of what best suits their needs. 

This is a site we would recommend you to at least surf and get the best out of their reviews before going for your hardware. Other than reviews, mobitrend features technological news and so; a good site to follow to be updated always technologically. Read more…

Techweez is yet another site with a great collection of reviewed gadgets. Always timely and got a good interface theme for ease of navigation. It got skillful writers that pragmatically describe each gadget in its befitting way. Read more here…

With diversities of views concerning gadgets it has always been good to always refer to yet another site for certainty. In this case techarena becomes the central support of the gadgets features. This site does not really write posts based on product test but majorly on its specific specs that’s why you always would like to confirm the features and standardised prices from techarena. Read more…

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This is a highly ranking gadget review website with over 70 000 000 unique monthly visitors. You definitely won’t mind at least being counted among the number next month! It’s downside is that most of its price tags read in US $, AU $ and in £ so you got to do the conversion to suit your country. Read more…

Tijei is an upcoming website on tech reviews and news and the good stuff from there site will surely steer you to the right product. Read more…

Get the latest gadget reviews from digital trends ranging from phones, tabs, phabs, motors, robots… any tech gadget! read more…

Tech arena borrowed an idea from this site. It is a global site with almost all new gadget releases posting their settled prices on it. GSM arena has millions of unique monthly visitors and an excellent ranking in relation to technology review. read more…

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NB the list above follows no ranking order however the sites make a good platform to get valid product reviews to both Kenyans and clients beyond. There are severall other more we yet haven’t listed however if you find a site offering  similar services as the above listed, please do comment below.

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