Arithmetic calculations include: additition, subtraction, multiplication and division of values. To perform these coputations in a table then proceed as follows.

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  • Click in the cell the results are to be displayed then click on layout ribbon.

  • Identify data panel then click on formula icon (dialogue box appears)

  • In the formula bar type either of the following:

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  1. To add contents of a column: =SUM(ABOVE)
  2. To add contents of row: =SUM(LEFT)
  3. To add contents of cells independently: =(X+X+X)  where X is a cell entry.
  4. To multiply cell contents: =(X*X)
  5. To Divide cell contents by a given figure or entries of another cell: =(XX/X)
  6. To Subtract cell entries from another:  =(XX-X)

  • Click Ok to apply.

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