You remember the days when a phone was a show of eminence, men and women made long queues to share a mobile, lack of recreational apps on phones & if any the phone was costly to go by; then most distressing was the network which was very volatile. 

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There then came this nokia 3310 in September 2000 nearly decades now, an iconic phone well known for its long life battery and the legendary snake

User interfaces

After launching the game as a new user, the snake appeared and you carefully were to guide it on the screen. The speed depended with the player level.

Remember trying to guide it on the screen using keys 2, 4, 6, and 8. There functions were as follows:

  • key 2– moved the snake upwards.
  • key 4-moved the snake left.
  • key 6– moved the snake right.
  • key 8-moved the snake downwards.

    The new 3310 in addition to the above keys, it also has the navigation keys right below its screen which will be an alternative to the above keys. 

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    Check out the vedio below to see how the game was played


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