Saturdays and Sundays afternoon in Kenya have almost been declared public celebration hours amidst the campaign atmostsphere engulfing the nation in preparation for the August 8th elections.

This is as a result of the woman who was attributed to have died days ago still lives and with improving health as Dr kasipoi a senior consultant surgeon reports. 

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In a video posted on you tube 35 days ago (as per the day of writing this post), Ivy and the father narrates how Mama Rosa died on 24 June.17 midniht and hours later ressurected at the power of a 3 word text message sent to the family by the mighty prophet Dr David Edward Owuor saying IT IS WELL!

Documenting this unfolding chapter in the history of both the church and science is a senior consulntant surgeon in Moi teaching & referal hospital who also is a professor in the school of medicine in Moi university and serves as a deputy director for medical services in Kenya, one Dr Kasepoi.

“Repent and prepare the way for the Messiah is coming…”

In an interview with Bsp. Joan of Jesus is Lord radio, Dr. Kasepoi affirmed that actually “rigor mortis set in and decomposition had started in Mama Rosa’s stomach that’s why a stench of the dead came from her 3 days even after her ressurection. 

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Having witnessed a miracle repeat of the bible 1 kings 17:17-22, Kenya has not only gone to the streets to celebrate this sign and wonder of the time, but also on social media.

Using #ProphetDrOwuor , congregants of repentance and holiness ministries have stormed Twitter in their millions using their official Twitter handle @JesusIsComing_2 to celebrate the great doing of YAHWEH! 

Whether you believe it or detest it, as for mama Rosa & her family knows that she died and the MIGHTY GOD of the Mighty Prophet Owuor Resurected her just as the blind man in John 9:25.

The Prophet has always called the nations to hearken to him “…Repent and prepare the way for the Messiah is coming…”


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