The three-day event held on July 16th, 2017 in Washington DC, USA saw over 160 national teams participate and among those teams was a group of 6 students from Burundi and their mentor.

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It was the world’s first international robot Olympics for high school students to inspire a passion for technology innovation and leadership among the world’s youth.

The 6 students, 4 males and 2 females comprised of the best students from different schools in Bunumbura, Burundi and supposedly a strong team according to omg voices

Their mentor was in charge of them and they were supposed to head back to the dormitory after the competitions. 

First Global called the police when they discovered that Team Burundi’s mentor was unable to locate the 6 students on the last day of the competition.

According to police, the 6 of them were last seen at the closing ceremony of the Global Robotics Challenge. 

The event organizers said in a statement that they were unable to find the 6 students.

The Washington Post reported that the other four also were believed to be in safe hands, but Bilal said she had no information about their situation.

However, fellow African’s believe the students are simply in search of greener pastures if the replies to this BBC tweet are anything to go by.


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