As gun violence rates continue to rise, some safety advocates have turned to technology to help solve tragedies like shooting accidents and stolen weapons. 

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The latest answer has been a smart gun, which could be tracked and locked remotely if it were ever in the wrong hands. But like all technology, it turns out even guns can be hacked.

The latest example is the IP1, a smart gun from German manufacturer Armatix, which marketed itself as the first smart gun to be sold. 

Released in 2014, the weapon boasts a smart lock on the pistol that the company says will not fire unless it is in range of a special watch that transmits a radio signal to unlock the gun.

The radio signal is supposed to communicate with a firing pin lock, which releases when it receives a security token from the watch. 

That is until a hacker known as “Plore” found a way to shoot the gun without needing the watch, essentially turning the firearm back into a regular pistol.

It turns out, he said, that all it took was three magnets, a piece of wood and a screw to trick this smart gun. The crowd that gathered to see his surprisingly low-tech hack responded with a roar of laughter. 

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Plore talked about how he did it at Defcon, the massive gathering of hackers from around the world held in Las Vegas this week.

According to CNET’S reporting, Plore said the whole ordeal highlights how smart guns are still “immature.” & he  also expects even more guns will be hacked at future Defcons. 


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