When it comes to designing robots with dextrous digits, you’ve got to hand it to the Chinese, especially now that a local university has picked up a major prize at an international design competition.

Developed by the WrightEagle team from the University of Science and Technology of China in Hefei, capital of southeastern China’s Anhui province, “Kejia” took on all comers over the weekend to be named “Best in Manipulation” at this year’s RoboCup in Nagoya, Japan.

While Kejia lacks Jiajia’s “good looks and sweet voice”, the new design would make a very “handy” 

According to a statement posted on the university’s website on Sunday, Kejia outperformed its rivals in a series of tasks designed to test manual dexterity. 

These included picking up and putting down random objects, such as an orange, computer mouse, shampoo bottle and milk carton.

As well as being a test of the robots’ handling skills, the manipulation contest was held in an “open world” environment, meaning the machines had to demonstrate their navigation skills, the organisers said

According to its developers, Kejia’s success can be attributed to two key factors: its advanced manual dexterity and rapid processing speed.

While Kejia lacks Jiajia’s “good looks and sweet voice”, the new design would make a very “handy” housekeeper, the university said.

China has invested heavily in soft-body robots in recent years because of their perceived value in key sectors such as defence and even space warfare.

Despite Kejia’s success in Japan, Ding said it had not yet been tested against the world’s best. Read full article >>>


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