Mailmerging is the process of generating personalized main documents such as a letter with an address book (data source). 

To create a merged document: 

  • Create a main document such as the body of a letter without the recipient’s address.
  • Click mailings ribbon

    • Click select recipients icon from start mail merge panel

      • Select type new list from the drop down list (a dialogue box appears)
      • Click on customize columns command on the dialogue box (another dialogue box appears)

        • Now select a field name to rename, delete or simply add a new field (relevant to the letter address i.e. school, address, town, date – click Ok when done)

          • click ok on sub dialogue boxes to go to new address list box. Fill the required fields, click Ok to save the data source.

            • Open the main document created
            • Click in the position the fields (address) are to be inserted.
            • Click mailings ribbon
            • Click on insert merge field icon from the write & insert fields panel

              • Select an appropriate field from the drop down list.

              Alternatively use the step by step mail merge wizard option found on mailings ribbon, click on start mail merge icon and from the dropdown list select step-by-step mail merge wizard option. Notice a mail merge pane appears on the right of the screen. Use it to create a mail merged document.

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