Graphics are non text images generated by the computer such as drawings , clip art and pictures. To insert a graphical object from clip gallery:

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  • Position the insertion pointer  where the object is to be inserted within an opened document.
  • Click on insert ribbon then click on clip art icon from illustrations panel (notice a clip art pane appears on the right hand side of the screen)

  • Type a category name in the search for text box and click on Go to display clip art categories e.g. animal.

  • Click the object thumbnail to insert it into the document.
  • Use the object place holders to resize the object.
  • Also use the picture editing tool that floats on the screen to crop – hiding unwanted details and more. Or simply click on formatt ribbon to display toolbar
  • Click anywhere outside the object to remove the place holders

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Term definitions 

Thumbnail – a reduced version of the real image.

Place holders – small round/ square dots (black/ green in colour) normally positioned at intervals around an image. Are used for resizing & rotating the image. To achieve this point on either of them and drag the mouse.

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