Getting digital is a wish of many if not all however, many hopes have been delayed from being realized because of high costs of tech gadgets such as Apple series 3

Here i bring you a list of must have gadgets at a pocket friendly cost. Just a click away and it will be in your possession.

1. Smart watch

Smart watches have come in aid of phones. In meetings or in security danger zones, we happen to missout on calls, mails & other social updates. 

You now have no reason to worry as smart watches will help you address the later problem.

DZ09 & Q18 smart watches can receive & dial calls, receive & send text, take photos and watch or listen to your favorite mp4/mp3, not to mention geting social updates directly to your wrist.

All these are synchronized with your phone. (not a must it be a smart phone) They sale between Ksh.1800 to Ksh. 3000

See offers  now at 

See offers  now at 

2. Infinix power bank

Worried of power Mhm…! Infinix an all class company now has you covered. You now will be able to keep your phone battery charged all time using this 30,000mAh power bank. 

It is ultra slim and comes with a precise IC protector to avoid over charging, over discharging or short circuting and an LED indicator. Though it got plastic casing, its intelligent power manager gives this power bank a plus, worth to buy. It sales between Ksh.1400 to Ksh.3000

See offers  now at 

See offers  now at 

3. Wireless Bluetooth speaker

Do you want base away from earphones or home theater systems ? Then this mini round speaker  is your best option to avoid the expensive subwoofers.

A9 wireless blutooth speaker has built in FM radio and microphone, supports Usb, sd card, and Bluetooth for sourcing files. A jack pin port is also available for line in and line out transmission. 

Its 4000mAh battery  (inbuilt) can surstain 5hrs to 8hrs non-stop playing of music & 30hrs standby time. You can grab yours now at a price of ksh 650 to ksh 800 to serve you at the office, party, yoga and other similar occasions.

See offers  now at 

See offers  now at power bank

Techfuerza solar power bank brings all the freedom to play games, watch movies and listen to music on your phone as long & much as you want to.

This 50,000mAh solar power bank is a slim and light weight making it convenient to carry around with your phone. 

It comes with a multiple USB cable hence allowing charging of multiple digital products. 

Other than solar energy, techfuerza solar power bank allows you to recharge it by use of electricity. It sales between Ksh.1000 to Ksh. 1500

See offers  now at 

See offers  now at 


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