Blending instrumentals in music with some base makes a good rythme for your ears. Most of speakers with such potential have been of the high end however here are speakers that can well balance the stereo wirelessly connected and are portable. We call them mini portable wireless speakers

Using these speakers you not only hear the base but also feel it through your nerves listening to your favorite music at home, office, in car, party, on vacation and on similar events.

They generally come with inbuilt microphone for audio input and battery to do a standby of upto 40hrs and 8hrs to 10hrs non stop music playing on a single charge.

Designed to project upto 10 meters (& even further) of voice transmission distance from speaker’s position. They also support music control functions, click to answer a call, sd card, USB & Aux ports and Fm radio. 

Mini portable wireless speakers weigh less than a kg and come equiped with a strap for easy carrying.  They support  phones, laptops and tablets with Bluetooth stereo function. 

These craze driving Bluetooth speakers can be acquired at a paltry ksh.1000 to Ksh.3000 however some go to as low as Ksh.400 as some will sale upto Ksh.24000 depending with your prefferd choice however the quality of sound stereo is always good despite your choice. Get yours from below providers while stock still last.

Shop now on (new in stock)

Shop now on (Bluetooth mini)

Shop now on 

1. Baseus E25 Hi 

2. Sound link mini II Bluetooth speaker

3. Sport mini speaker

4. A9 Bluetooth speaker

5. NIZHITT029 Mini flashing speaker


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