Worried of your family security in the hands of the Nanny as you live for work? TiJei helps to say enough is enough to your worries. WiFi Nanny wall clock will help keep your children safe by following up what they are doing, who is coming in and leaving your house – from your workplace.

Nanny wall clock is an easy to use clock with an intergrated camera that automatically detects mortion, instantly alerts you, records and directly transmit the footage to the router allowing you watch it via Pc or smartphone.

You can control the camera from anywhere by use of remote, view and record scenes by use of recording software provided as a firmware. 

One more good thing about the wifinan is that, Received footage is also secured as password authentification is required to ensure the right person access the transmission.

Installing this wall clock is very easy since no software is needed, all that is needed is a strong internet connection via WiFi – that is all.  

The clock sales at a whooping Ksh. 20,000 however get upto 52% of discount if you shop now while stock last. Original and new in stock.

Shop now on Jumia.ke 

Shop now on kilimall.ke 


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