Above from left is Felix Cheruiyot – CEO, Moses Korir -Business Development lead and Morrey Okumu – CTO 

Three Kenyans founded a startup called Pesabot , a platform that helps businesses to develop chat-bots on Telegram and Facebook Messenger. 

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This was in September 2016 after they had been consultanting for a while, developing portals and web projects for a variety of customers including the Kenya government.

The initial approach was helping customers manage their customer service for insurance companies and banking, but this was a hard nut to crack. 

Companies liked the idea but ended up not coming on board due to the slow process. later, the trio found out that Kenyans do a lot of e-commerce on Facebook and so in August 2017 they developed a bot service based on pesabot known as biasharabot.
Biasharabot targets small online businesses where both sellers and buyers enjoy a good user interface & business platform. It got a graphical dashboard with a few buttons such as add product, payment mode e.t.c.

Customers are able to start-up for free however sellers are charged Ksh.3000 monthly fee.  

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Biasharabot is founded by Felix Cheruiyot who is the CEO, Moses Korir who is the Business Development lead and Morrey Okumu who is the CTO.


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