Always running out of storage on your phone? A micro SD is all you need. With the influx of a lot of media to carry around in our devices, having an extendable storage device at all times comes in handy.

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Media cards have always been around for quite sometime. The first one having been invented in 1994, the digital storage scene have since then evolved to give us what we have now – memory cards.

Memorycards also known as flashcards, are electronic flash memory data storage devices used for storing digital information. 

They are commonly used in portable electronic devices such as digital cameras, mobile phones, tablets, portable media players, video game consoles and PCs.

The mostly used media cards are the secure digital type (micro SD cards). These cards come in different classes – 4 to 10 (speed – ultra high speed), capacity, write and read speed- mbs per second (mbps). You notice that the higher the class/ speed/ capacity, the higher their cost is.

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Getting a quality micro SD card to store those lovely pictures, videos & music is really satisfying. Here are some top brands you can go for to ensure durability, speed & shock resistant models


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