​A modem is a network device used to convert digital signal to analogue signal (modulate) and vice versa (demodulate).  This is to enable easy data transmission via a network.

However, the functions of modems have changed over the years; first they were used for telegrams and to transmit data for American air defense in the 1950s. 

Modems were used with computers for the first time in 1977 to transmit data between computers. In the beginning uses of modems and computers, data only circulated among a small amount of computers in the same vicinity while being controlled by a host computer. 

As modems improved and were able to transmit information faster, data was able to be transmitted between more hosts, and the Internet network slowly spread.

Modems can generally be classified according to either maximum amount of data they can send per unit or by their symbol rate.

The four types of modems are the fax modem, which solely transfers data between fax machines, the traditional ISDN modem, the Digital Subscriber Line and the cable modem.

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