With festive season knocking at the doors of every being except for the isolated few, merchants have flocked in with hot discouted deals varying from home appliances, groceries, tech gadgets to fashions & wears.

Also read: Mini portable handheld electric – mini hand sewing machine. 

Jumia is one of the top online stores that you just can’t wait grabbing its black Friday festive season top deals that this time round has come quite early.
Here is a handheld pocket mini manual sewing machine you can’t afford missing out. Many kenyans still put up with painful needle pricks trying to sew their garments the old school way.

Can’t blame them because actually they never new the existence of this pocket mini device or may be its cost was just high (for an ordinary mwananchi to buy)  but thanks to Jumia black Friday early coming. 

Instead of buying it at Ksh. 3,330 you will be able to do your own sewing comfortably like a pro saving time & not pricking your fingers anywhere as you will now acquire it at Ksh. 597. This is 82% discount being  the best price so far for such an appliance in kenya.  To place your order Click here>>>


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