There is this phrase …where your treasure is there is your heart! Very true and so at times one feels like cloning self so as to monitor their properties. 

This HD security camera with a high resolution of upto 960p allows you to use your mobile device to monitor your business, children, home… in a clear and wide view of 360 degrees. 

No worry for dark nights for still you will be able to get high quality images as it uses infrared night vision technology to capture every moment of a second…!! 

Thanks for Sricam SP022 960P camera as it is designed to learn sound detections and mortions every hour to avoid false alarms & immediately starts to record footage. 

To avoid you losing of an event Sricam will send you notifications at detection of mortion as it stores the video on local sd card so as to provide a secure back up.

Among other key specifications it boasts is the two way communication support (embed microphone & speaker), AP hotspot, 24hrs playback & use of “sricam” App to monitor footage right on your smartphone.

Just spend Ksh. 3, 610 to acquire Sricam IP wifi security camera and less than a minute to install it. It is actually a plug and play device. 

Buy yours at a 24% discount and save the costly losses done by untraceable individuals against your home and business. 


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