It has been a journey I can say – migrating from those ragged two coloured screens called great-wall. Then came Philips, sony and other few brands that later availed coloured TVs to Kenyan market at budget friendly costs.
Just a few months gone since kenyans were forced to migrate to digital and no mistake many still are scampering for some of the best TV brands to replace their outdated ones. The problem is actually getting  those #best!

Forget the power guzzlers, over heating unclear & unworthy TV sets being fixed & forced to match your decor; forget the hussle for TV search! Get yourself this TCL HD smart android digital LED TV and have the feel of realy getting digital. Only at Ksh. 21,800  (19% off).

This flat screen LED HDTV features a high definition resolution and a true colour technology (TCL) for brilliant colour & contrast. 

Enjoy the creative life with the Smart android FHD TV with a variety of inputs including HDMI & USB turning your television into a multimedia etertainment system

Featuring an ultra thin bezel with a sleek finish, it delivers tremendous value in a sophisticated slim frame design making it perfect for any living room’s – home theater.



  1. You are the only blogger from Africa who comments on my site. I get lots of Americans and a few Indians,some English but no Africans. I hear that sub sahara africa is one of the biggest growth areas in the world even more than china is this true.By the way thanx for the like and I am in Melbourne Australia


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