Not judging nor taking sides but just doing an opinion, life is all based on what you decide it to be.
A woman whose identity is hidden for stigma reasons, made confessions concerning her love life to the eve woman magazine staying that since age 13 till now 28 years – she has been “spending nights” with her father

Also read: Guilty of Incest after marrying own mother

Quite sad that parents at times do push their daughters/ sons into incestuous relationships depending with how harsh or intimate they become to their young ones.

Acording to Lucy Maroncha: Author of the article  “my dad broke my virginity: He is my lover”, she writes explaining how the victim being the 1st born & only girl among 2 boys, was given more attention by her father where as her mother cared less of her but attended most to her sons.

Having been brought up in such an environment her love to the father grew more & more till eventually she was bursted by her mother in bed “hosting” her dad!!!

Now she is 28 years old, she still loves her father, lives with him in one room as the mother looks on events unfolding with hands tied up. This generation…

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  1. It’s interesting that we don’t have a biological block on this. If a family interbreed there can be genetic defects, so why wouldn’t our DNA say “Nope! That’s dad/Mom! Bad news!”

    Maybe natural selection? Odd stuff indeed


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