Blackfriday would have caught up Kenyans by suprise as many like me, really did not expect such discounted bargain on some comodities but what do i say… #BUY!

When the deal is too good think twice, am not playing extreme but just giving counsel to deal lovers as I’m.

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Noticing that Christmas shopping frenzy is here and needed products have been displayed on black friday with huge discounts on tags – be careful not to empty your wallet on those #deals.

Here are some tips on how to ensure you spend properly this black Friday season as you sit at home surfing your best bargain: 

  • Firstly,know that many of these deals are only available for a limited time so it’s important to be prepared and prioritise your shopping time accordingly.
  • And, while it can also be tempting to buy things on a whim, try to plan what you want beforehand so you don’t overspend too much.
  • Last of all, make sure you know your return rights. While most stores don’t change their policy for the sake of a few days, it’s best to check it out in advance so you’re not stuck with spur of the moment buys you don’t really want.

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