whether you be in the US or the UK, in kenya, Nigeria, Egypt, Morocco, Ivory coast, Ghana or Cameroon, black Friday is fast becoming the biggest and best day in the shopping year to hunt for a bargain. 

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Though its roots lie in America, the pre Christmas shopping frenzy has made its way to the UK & above mentioned African countries. 

Black Friday traditionally, usually was the last Friday of November every year which came after thanks giving in which buyers would bag an online bargain with discounts on products going upto 80% off – this year falls on 24th Nov though jumia started theirs on 13thNov and will run to 13th Dec.

While the discounts are traditionally on for one day only, some shops such as Jumia started early opening their black Friday deal stores where as Amazon may extend theirs for a week or More during the week to. 

People say black Friday marks the day that retailers books go from red to black as they make their biggest profit of the year.

But others say that the name originated from the American police during the 1950s and 1960s to describe the chaos that ensued as Thanksgiving shoppers poured into town causing terrible traffic jams.

Shops running black Friday deals in kenya include: jumia, kilimall & pigiaMe. 

Having known this online stores with great shoping deals varying from electronics, wears, home appliances – everything,  ensure you don’t over spend as much as you may have much to buy at a reduced cost.

To view some of these bargain, you dont have to search for that we done it for you, simply: 

Click here>>> to see deals for jumia.

Click here>>> to see deals on kilimall.

Click here>>> to see deals on pigiaMe

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