Today on 19th November, the most revered prophet of the Lord decreed healing anointing to his faithfulls and their relatives by extension.

This happens at an hour which a major prophecy he gave a decade ago was fullfilled in much exactness concerning events about to take place above the earth (Joel 2: 28-32) & in deed two neutron stars collided.

On a phone call He made on Jesus is Lord radio today at about 13:30hrs EAT, He gave a vision in which He stated saying God took Him to HIS throne room in heaven and showed Him the tree of life, then HE plucked leaves from the tree and placed them in His hand and asked Him to come and decree healing across the churches subscribed to the ministry of repentance and holiness.

Immediately He hunged the call that lasted 10 minutes, celebrations and celebrations ensued, engulfed the land of revival and beyond as healings of severe conditions begun trickling into the Jesus is Lord studio – anouncing major testimonies. 

Read some of the shocking testimonies given with evidences from here>>>>

Listen to the Audio prayer here>>>>



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