The non profit organisation based in California organised the world’s largest race on sand ever recorded in the world.
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This was part of its ongoing campaign to protect & conserve the ocean. 4,288 participants were recorded in Encinitas doing the race though only 1000 of them were put into the guiness books of records. 

According to Rachel Swatman to set the record “the whole group had to run a minimum of 100 meters together.” 

Surfing Madonna ocean project easily smashed the minimum of 1,000 people they needed to secure the new title as many participants could not resist stoping and taking selfies – this automatically disqualified them from being among the number.

GWR stated on their official site that the record setting race was well verified as adjudicator Michael Empric was invited along to count and ensure the record mark is hit!

Watch the race video here>>>


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