We always have the “dot mobile” companies release their enviable phones into markets and it is always tempting to acquire a new one on each release however, it will be such a strain to our wallets of we were to buy a new smart phone after every 4-6-12 months or even 24 months.

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It is always good at times to be economical especially now when like every country has its economy on the scale!

We have aligned for you some tips on how to keep your smartphone safe to last you some memorable duration….. and here we go! 

  • Almost all mobiles are fragile and susceptible to damage from falls. So, it is a very fair idea to have it constantly with a cover that protects it. It is an investment that can certainly save and make it last longer.
  • if you want your screen to last longer, a protective mica (glass) does not hurt.
  • Check and periodically clean the telephone ports. They may already have an insufficient amount of dust or some small accumulated garbage that interferes with their operation.
  • The battery is an essential element in our phone. There are too many things you can do to make it last longer and not wear out. just to mention a few: avoid using it while connected to charge & also avoid variations of chargers other than that bought with. 
  • Using external batteries to recharge yours doesn’t guarantee battery longevity since not all are genuine however much is a good deal.
  • To have more files stored without that sluggish response from your phone over years, consider acquiring a phone with higher internal storage (>32 GB), & RAM of >3GB.

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