A boy was caught pants down over the weekend with a calf trying to play the marriage act! 

This happened in kasemya village, kirenget, nakuru county. 

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According to eye witness Maritim – resident in the village – speaking to SDE stated that the 16 year old boy was Seen driving the Guernsey calf into a sticky muddy area. 

Women who were tending a farm adjacent to the scene noticed the escalation of events and raised an alarm alarting villagers who came busting him in the act. 

The angry folks frogmatched the teen  with “all” forms of beatings possible before forcing him to have a photo session with his bride. 

Villagers were shocked when the herdsboy said the act was not strange to him as he had seen his uncle do it with goats !!!

After the residents had enjoyed the drama enough, they handed him to his employer who immediately gave him his belonging and bid him goodbye never to return!


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