Mobile technology has evolved over years and at least every person who is of age has a story to tale about phones.

Sirikwa dairies located in Eldoret has its own experience and Christopher Rop; general manager sirikwa dairies, was not left behind in the evolution.

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Christopher says, “through the phone we are able to make bulk payments to our farmers, receive reports I  deliveries made and even access the we reports online”

In this context, Christopher refering to the Connected Farmer – a Safaricom application for agribusiness and small holder gamers. 

The App has enabled the company to digitise their entire operations from farmer profilling, communication, milk collection, management of stock and record keeping.

Safaricom sharing on their official newsroom page, they illustrate The performance of this agribusiness app as efficient and easy to use.

The app provides real time solutions to both The agribusiness and small holder business. And because it is linked to MPesa you are able to make bulk payments to more than 1,000 farmers at a time.

Watch out Mr. Rop talk his experience with the App in this video here >>>>


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