Evolution in technology is never ending. With every update their comes a new trend into the market ranging from RAM, dual camera, screen resolution, wirless charging and more.

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Smartphone manufacturers are at great competition. It is this competition that buyers benefit from by getting quality releases at pocket friendly costs.

Here is a List of five lately released and if you are the type that goes for new releases then here we go, release date has been tagged against each beginning with the Latest.

  • Apple iPhone x released on Nov 3rd
  • Oppo F5 released on Oct 26th
  • Huawei mate 10 released on Oct 16
  • Iphone 8 released on Sept 22nd
  • Samsung galaxy note 8 released on Sept 15
  • Vivo V7+ released on Sept 7th

The list covers phones released between September 1st to November 30th 2017.

It though doesn’t include all phones, you could comment more phones released between the named period with a date tag.


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