Police have arrested a mother and her son in suspicion of killing their neighbour by burrying her alive on their property. The neighbour had accused the mother of theft.

​The mother-son duo is said to have carried out this inhumanly doing in July though police recovered The victims body on Wednesday.

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The accused duo have reportedly admitted their wrong doing however investigations into the exact cause of the neighbour’s death are still on going.

Acording to police, the mother 55, surnnamed Lee and son 25, surnamed park, lived as next door neighbours for 10 years with the victim 49, however, their relationship soured when victim accused mother of theft. Lee denied the charge.

In July, Lee laced a cup of tea with sleeping pills and gave it to the neighbour in her car. After she fell to sleep, Lee drove the car with her son to their property and burried her. 

Police started investigations when a friend of the victim reported her missing in August.

The incident happened in chulwon, Gangwon Province in Korea 


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