If you don’t have a ton of cash to spend, but you need a solid device with a pretty build, the Lenovo ideapad 100 is then a suitable option to go by.

It can be upgraded to perform at a really high level though we are not certain on how much those upgrades may cost you so be cautious, but anyhow,  you don’t need the upgrades unless it really is necessary.

This ideapad features an ample storage of upto 500GB, a modern acclaimed accu type keyboard, 15″HD display with a resolution of 1366 × 768 or 1980 × 1080 display on wide screen formatt.

May be you could be missing out the point why I say it’s just an opportunity granted you to buy this ideapad 100 at Ksh. 26,499 ( equivalent to $260). This ideapad is selling now at a lower cost compared to its competiting laptops.

It’s time for you to take advantage of this bargain just before the seller hikes the cost. Click on the button below to place your odder now.


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