from left: Safaricom’s strategy director  Joseph Ogutu, walls with a member of Kenyan union for the blind

Today safaricom AKA mother green launched an Mpesa service for her visually impared customers naming it MPesa for visually impared.

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MPesa for visually impared will allow customer to dial 234 so as to interact with the service and be read to their balances by the system.

The innovation comes in line with the theme for this year’s international day for persons with disabilities to create a more sustainable and resillient society for all.

The voice recognition service currently supports querying MPesa for balance only however, according to Joseph Ogutu – Director strategy, safaricom will gradually add more specs in the new MPesa service.

To querry the system, dial 234 then press option 1 (MPesa services) select option 5 for MPesa blance and the system will audibly read the figure for the visually impared.

According to safaricom, the vissually impaired know how to key their PIN just that they miss out the exact MPesa sequence. This is where the Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) comes in – dictating the MPesa sequence audibly to them.
Users however will be required to querry the system before and after depositing/ withdrawal services to curb fraud which is the main reason why the system has been developed – curb fraud against visually impaired.


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