Biomedical engineers from the university of Sydney and united states collaborated on the development of the latest technology in health science-an elastic surgery glue called MeTro.

MeTro is highly elastic and adhesive that it quickly seals wounds in 60 seconds without the need for common staples or sutures.

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The potential life saving glue’s elasticity makes it ideal for sealing wounds in body tissues in hard-to-reach-areas and those that continually expand and relax – such as lungs, hearts and arteries

MeTro sets in just 60 seconds once treated with UV light, and the technology has a built-in degrading enzyme which can be modified to determine how long the sealant lasts – from hours to months, in order to allow adequatetime for the wound to heal

The gel-like material has quickly and successfully sealed incisions in the arteries and lungs of rodents and the lungs of pigs without the need for sutures and staples. The results were published in Science Translational Medicine paper.


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