Why can’t smartphones use the same operating system as the computer??

Do you know what iOS used to be called? Let’s hear what Steve Jobs said in 2007.

Transcript of the iPhone Keynote by Steve Jobs (MacWorld 2007)

Software on mobile phones is like is like baby software.
It’s not so powerful, and today we gonna show you a software breakthrough. Software that’s at least five years ahead of what’s on any other phone. 
Now how do we do this? Well, we start with a strong foundation: iPhone runs OSX.

Smartphones can and do run the same operating systems as computers, at least underneath the surface. However, even though the core of iOS is the same as the Mac, the user experience needs to be adapted to a primarily-touch interface on a small screen with different physical requirements in thermal and energy management. 

The services needed by a smartphone are different than what other computers use, so the OS won’t be exactly the same.

What about Android? Android uses a Linux kernel, which is the same OS that powers desktops, servers, DVD players, and all manner of devices. So that is the “same” as a computer, but the collection of services surrounding the kernel need to be optimized to the needs of the platform. What is the relation between Android and Linux?

So, depending on where you draw the line on an “OS.” smartphones and other computers already share an OS. They differ only due to the different requirements and constraints on the platform itself.

These article contains an excerpt from Quora forums


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