Do you really know what a charger is? Obviously you gave it a yes thinking that a charger is that “thing” in the picture above here! My friend, you got it wrong-buddy!

Also read: how you can use a laboratory power supply as a “chager”

One pretty interesting thing: it’s not a charger. Not at all. The actual battery charger is in your device. The thing everyone calls a charger is just a power supply. In fact, you can put a USB plug on any appropriate power supply and charge your phone: 

A number of companies have a thing in their charging devices called smart charging, adaptive charging, etc. These devices are still just power dongles, but they use microprocessor controls and current sensing to try out a bunch of standard and proprietary power to device hookups to pick the one that delivers the most power. 

A few years back, many power dongles had one USB port for Apple devices, one for everyone else. These smart power devices work with anything, no special ports needed.

Now that you know, don’t leave without sharing in whatsapp and Facebook groups to inform friends!


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