Those who love Christmas will be eager to know ofcourse about the fastest eater’s new record in the Guinness world records.

The competitive eater – Kevin Strahle dubbed L.A Beast – has sunk his teeth into the fastest time to eat all chocolates from an advent calendar

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An advent calendar is used as a fun and interactive way of counting down the December days until Christmas, usually filled with chocolates or other surprises in the 24 boxes prior to 25 Dec; the idea being that one box is opened each day.

However, the beast was hungry to devour the contents of each container in under two minutes – a minimum he had so for not able to achieve.

A combination of hardwork, determination and practice paid off with I.A. Beast giving himself an early Christmas present with a final time of 1 Min 27 secs, prompting him to wave the empty calendar triumphantly after being declared the record holder.

According to Guinness World Record’s official site, Kevin speed eating records ranging from chicken nuggets, powdered doughnuts and fiery bhut jolokia peppers.

Comment congratulations kevin as you watch the video in which Kevin breaks yet another record here>>>>> 


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