It’s a month now since amazon innovated the amazon key and many clients have had a taste of it. Each sharing his/ her experience ranging from tech gurus to amateurs.

Geoffrey A Fowler, writes reviews on tech at Washington post. He put an Amazon compatible lock on his door and hooked up its complementing cloud supporting security camera then placed enough order from Amazon.

Also read: Amazon wants to let strangers into your house

Good news is that,  no body made away with his boxes nor burgled his room! 

The orders made are only delivered by carriers that Amazon think are trust worthy. The drivers seem to know that they are under surveillance so most only open the door enough to slide in a package.

“Amazon Key has had a positive reception from customers since its launch last month,” Amazon spokeswoman Kristen Kish said.

Kristen also said that “There have been situations where we haven’t gotten it right with a delivery and we use these situations to continue making improvements to the service.”

Another head scratcher for Amazon is the unnerving delivery time. Amazon drivers are just not as exact as to the scheduled or notified time for the deliveries. Check out this video >>>


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