More traffic >>> more leads >>> more visitors >>> more impressions >>> more MONEY!!

True, if you just created your business a website or just a blog for yourself then something very important about your site should be the number of monthly visitors – especially if you intend to get some $$$$$ to appreciate your time and money spent building the site.

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There are various ways you could say goodbye to the zero stats your site drives per day to whooping thousands of visitors! Sounds like a miracle… well let’s get to work.

There are two major options: one is paid advertising which is instateneouse and good then two, organic traffic which though takes sometime but it is the best.

  • Paid advertising

Here all you need is an email, payment method then obviously your homepage URL, and select from a range of advertising companies then place your order. I have listed for some companies tried out and actually seen tremendous boost on my stats. Note: most of these companies support PayPal as mode of payment.

1. Entire web.

If you are not of the high minimum rates of AdWords then entire web should be your first option. It comes with flexible plans with genuine human-targeted visitors globally/ defined by country. You also have an option of setting the number of visitors you want on your page per day. I used this site before i incorporated other sites discussed below and i have nothing to regrate about having bought traffic here. Also as a friend, I advice you buy entireweb add traffic from here>>> and start earning from your traffic seated.

2. Babylon traffic

This is one of the best traffic providers you can ever trust for your newly designed blog or niche site, I personally use it as a major traffic source and I can advice you to make Babylon traffic a major option too when it comes to boosting your stats and sales. For a start it gives 50 site views and actions where by, after satisfaction you can buy its flexible plans starting from $ 9.9/month. click here to start boosting your stats. It’s a recomendable site.

3. My stat rockets
This one though not so long into the traffic business but its services are for sure satisfying. My stats rocket offer genuine – garanteed targeted visitors for your site. It is adsence safe so no much worry. All you got to do is signup for your package today at my stats rocket.

4. Bluehost

Bluehost will not only offer you a chance to connect to the vast bluehost community but also, you will enjoy having customized domain by hosting your site hence enjoying all goodies in their prime plan. Sign-up for blue host now.

Other sites include: Facebook adverts, paid mails, LinkedIn ads, Twitter ads, AdWords, double-click and many more.

  • Organic traffic

The term organic phrase would mean in this case, visitors who genuinely search and find your site. This could take some while however it is the best since most of this kind of visitors will stick to your site and even recommend it to others hence bespeaking some good news to you.

However much it will take some time for your site to really get hundreds – thousands of visitors per day, I always will recommend some of this ways to generate orgarnic visitors as it actually is cheaper and guaranteed way to increase your website traffic. Use these methods and I bett you won’t regrate.

1. Social media

Forget the above metioned media ads. Here you become a frequent writer on social media engaging your audience in some discussions. You can create a Facebook page on which you will easily reach your targeted audience. Checkout our Facebook page here>>> or use telegram channel, avoid forcefully adding people to your channel is it could lead to your account being spammed – susspended in due course. Join our telegram channel for more timely updates here >>>

2. Forums

Join forums in which you can have A community to discuss wide range of topics and subjects. Good examples of forums you can join include:

  1. xenForo
  2. VBulletin
  3. miniBB
  4. yapBB
  5. VanillaForums

3.Guest blogging

These are sites that will allow you to write contents for them and latter approve and publish it allowing visitors to react onto it. Ofcourse you include text links to your site. A good article will drive good traffic to your site. Some of these sites include:

  1. Men with pens
  2. Firepole marketing
  3. Think traffic
  4. Kiss metrics
  5. Mashable
  6. ThinkBlogger

Lest I forget some good news for you, I just bumped into some good traffic selling site and guess what! You can buy genuine human-organic traffic: it is dubbed targeted web traffic.

Though it has higher cost rates compared to other flagships but I think in every business there is always that variation depending with the quality & quantity of delivery – in this case web traffic.

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