Edwin Ingaji (center)– an enterpreneure and app developer together with his friends developed a security emergency App dubbed usalama. 

Usalama mobile app sends a distress signal when a user shakes their phone three times alerting emergency services of their location, as well as their next of kin, and every Usalama user within 200 metres.

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They also are developing the app beyond the ‘panic button’ function. “If you are going home late at night, you can set the app so that you and a friend make sure you return home safe. 

“We’re also introducing a timer where if you’re not home, say within an hour, it sends a distress signal,” Inganji explains.

According to IPSOS, crime in Nairobi is twice the national average. Incidences of muggings, carjackings and other crimes are common in Kenya’s capital city.

Also,in Kenya, contacting emergency providers can be cumbersome. “Access to emergency services is very slow,”
The founders of “Usalama” aim to bridge the gap between mobile-savvy Kenyans and emergency providers through the app.

“Usalama” isn’t the first foray by Kenyan developers into public health and safety issues. First there came the restorers creating i-cut the here comes Ingaji with usalama.
The country (kenya) has long been a hub for innovation and technology, with Nairobi being named “the most intelligent city in Africa” in 2015.


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