Being jobless today is almost becoming normal across the whole globe if not most of the countries. Many people are trying to make ends meet through the blue cola jobs but wait a minute… freelancing pays!

Back in school I used to wonder how a sane person would put so much time into publishing so helpful articles online yet the person receives no incetives – where on earth!

Freelancing should be an option for you Mr./ Mdm job seeker. It isnt hard to get things rolling though obviously you need to work smart. I have compiled some ways on how you as a freelancer would/ will earn but before that, what does it take for one to begin working online?

What it takes for one to work online

For one to start a freelancing job you will need a few simple but key things so as you can be comfortable on your new job. Checkout this list:

  • Time:- oh yes, i know this one you can create as may be you got much of it wasted roaming around with friends or at your job you get lots of free time which you can put to use. You need to set aside at least 4 hours everyday – night or day depending with how you be convenienced.
  • Consistency:- freelancing calls upon self discipline and always reliable to your clients. You have to do what you are supposed to do always whenever clients asks/ wills that it be done.
  • Computer:- this could vary from a desktop to a laptop to even a smartphone however most convenient is a laptop.
  • Network connection:- as the name suggest, for you to perform an online job you must be connected to a network service provider i.e MTN, airtel, or any other depending with your country. It should be stable enough (3G-4G). Those working in a WiFi enabled firms they are better off on this.
  • Browser:- chrome or Mozilla will serve best.
  • Creativity:- this isn’t hard though tricky but all the same, depending with where you land – it will always apply.
  • Basic knowledge on using computer:- ofcourse as much freelancing will deal with computer and maybe No or less non-computer assignments. You don’t have to worry on this, just checkout my guide on using a computer here >>>

Having it all said and done. You are asking, after I amass all the above then what next? That is my next point. How you can use above tools to make good cash to let you smile all the way to the bank. 

There are various ways as a freelancer can make money. See this.

  • Own website:- this, I must recommend this one as actually you will earn without the strain of a boss. Create a website though if you can’t then consult a webdesigner or simply use cheaper sites like blue host, worpress and blogger to create your website. You then can start selling downloadable or physical products. Alternatively choose a topic on which you can extensively write on then sell advertisement space by placing ads in your webposts & pages. Example of these advertisements include adsence, admob, Amazon ads,  and word ads. You also can sign up for affiliate programs. The good thing about using your own designed or bought sites like that from bluehost, it will allow you to quickly monitize your site – try out blue host now>>> 
  • Freelancer:-  Here you have an opportunity to build your profile then bid for available projects/ tasks. A client will then appoint a bidder of his/ her choice to assign the job. It sometimes is challenging for a starter but with time you can make the four figure dollars every month as other users. Fiverr, Upwork (odesk), Guru, E-Lance are also similar platforms you can try out.
  • Online marketing:- this will include attatching your self to an NGO or just do self sales online. Ones you have accounts with these companies then you can start promoting their services/ products and then they will pay you a commission per every succesful sale made. Examples of such sites include template monster, JumiaAmazonAjiboye and many more. 
  • PPC/ Surveys/ Capture:- this one is the most hectic however much it pays. Paid Per Click means you will be paid clicking on ads such as in clickbux and clicksence. You also can dedicate self to carrying out online surveys and lastly write capture images and get paid. These options offer to much work but do pay so little – I worked with them and I could say they are convenient for that chap with too much time and Wi-Fi to spare for these extra dollar cents
  • Referal:- this is simply a reffer a friend and get paid program. Sites that offer this include appgeyserAjiboyeEntire web etc 

All above methods on how freelancer earn money can be incorporated into owning a website since with that you will be able to combine all the methods into its pages and posts then good money will begin trickling in. 

Most of these jobs will pay you via PayPal so please take a moment and sign-up for one here >>> 

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  1. Sir,i have tried some of these online tasks but seems they are fraudulent and only meant for europeans not Nigerians. For instance,the one i tried said it pays out when u earn $300 but immediately u get there and request for payment,u are redirected to another site asking u to download games. Can u direct us to the ones paying in Nigerian currency?


    • It would be best if you do mention the fraudulent sites at least to help another reader please @Sunday Agbaje. https://please read my other article here ➡ the jobs may though require some little experience. Also please consider Jumia affiliate program it would really help you earn.
      Again thank you for your question and hope the answer helps.


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