MPESA, is an established mobile money transfer system that is widely used in Kenya. It is well distributed all over even in the remotest of all areas. 

In this article I will share with you the latest Safaricom Mpesa Charges to be used in 2018 – that are up to date.

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The charges fall into categories which include the following as listed below:

  • Withdrawal charges
  • ATM Withdrawal charges
  • Transfer charges to other MPESA users
  • Transfer charges to unregistered users

Charges for withrawing from MPesa agent.

Charges for withdrawal using ATM

How much will you be charegd when you withdraw from an ATM in 2018?  Have a look at the table below for the charges

Charges when you transfer money to other MPesa users.

This applies to users who are registered on MPESA. Remember you can register your sim card and fail to activate MPESA. These are charges for those who have activated their MPESA accounts only.

Charges when you transfer to Unregistered MPesa users.

Did you know that you can transfer money to unregistered MPESA numbers? Well you can but not exceeding Kshs. 35,000. 


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